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Through 30 years of combined experience and live situations, our team has built up a mass of expertise and skill sets within the cybersecurity and general IT management arena. We strive to provide leading patented technology to ensure a more robust defence against the escalating threat of cybercriminal activity.

There are over 1million new threats that are reported daily and the average time attackers can remain undetected on a network can be up to 146 days. Therefore, it is crucial that your organisation is protected.

How do we do this?

We do this by collaborating with some of the world’s premier cyber security companies and presenting an extensive set of cyber security solutions. We provide a range of products under the TDG and NOMAD name that offers high level protection for networks, websites, desktop, mobile devices and BYOD.

People are the life blood of any organisation but so is the expertise that such people bring to the fold.

Our directors and employees have worked in many sensitive areas and include ex-military, ex-law enforcement and highly placed intelligence experts along with business experts with 30+ years experience.

What we do

We make it our priority to deliver a strong and determined threat detection service to prevent risks from spreading and intensifying within any small or large organisation.  To avoid these risks, we have developed leading edge solutions that will cut through the noise of the cyber security industry providing, concise peace of mind services to all clients. Our assistance will take away the difficulty and confusion of managing security in-house and provide the assurance a company needs to focus on business activity.

Fully understanding and being prepared to deal with the latest advanced threats is crucial and not all organisations have the time to provide this security. At TDG we make it our focus to seek out threats and we do so by utilising our counter intelligence feeds from over 65,000 end points in over 140 countries, meaning we are equipped to detect and deter threats before they even happen.

Our approach to providing great support for our clients

For our clients the business advantages are financial, commercial and operational simplicity. We strive to ensure that you receive the best support throughout the time you work with us. We also like to make sure that we are constantly communicating - our business is intrusive by nature so ensuring the very best of communication with clients is paramount to a successful relationship with TDG.

With so many “cyber-security companies” to choose from, we understand it is difficult for organisations to know who and what is needed to secure their infrastructure. With the added burden of regulatory compliance such as the GDPR it becomes almost an impossible task.

This is why TDG provides organisations with a breadth of solutions that not only meet the requirements of smaller business but also the skill, expertise and technology to support larger organisations in the complex cyber security and compliance environment.

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