TDG Marine²

TDG Marine² is a specifically developed Maritime cyber security solution. Our Unified Security Management (USM) platform accelerates and simplifies threat detection, incident response and compliance management for vessels within the maritime industry.

TDG Marine² puts complete security visibility of threats affecting your vessels network and provides a fully managed service from cyber security experts to remediate detected threats.

As a fully managed service we are able to:

  • Detect emerging threats across your fleet environment

  • Respond quickly to incidents and conduct thorough investigations

  • Measure, manage, and report on compliance (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and more)

  • Optimise your existing security investments and reduce risk

TDG Marine²’s USM solution delivers this complete security visibility by providing the five essential security capabilities in a unified platform:

  • Asset Discovery - active and passive network discovery

  • Vulnerability Assessment – active network scanning, continuous vulnerability monitoring

  • Intrusion Detection - network and host IDS, file integrity monitoring

  • Behavioural Monitoring - netflow analysis, service availability monitoring

  • SIEM - log management, event correlation, analysis, and reporting

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Our USM solution benefits from a continuous feed of threat intelligence via the “Open Threat Exchange” (OTX) the world’s largest and first truly open threat intelligence community that enables collaborative defence with open access to collaborative research on emerging threats. OTX integrates with TDG Marine² USM and enables everyone in the OTX community to actively collaborate, strengthening their own defences while helping others do the same. Taking information updates from over 54,000 information points in 140 different countries OTX provides a unique vision of the threat landscape.

These constant updates enable the USM platform to analyse the mountain of event data from all of your on-board data sources, and reports such incidents to our central security operations centre for action. Our threat experts spend countless hours researching the latest exploits, malware strains, attack techniques, and malicious IPs, so you don’t have to. We incorporate this expertise into our extensive and growing library of customisable correlation directives, eliminating the need for you to conduct your own research and write your own correlation rules, ensuring we are able to detect and respond to threats on day one.


How it works in brief

We offer TDG Marine² as a fully managed service and our solution comprises of an onboard vessel “sensor” which utilises your on-board satellite communications infrastructure to transmit data back to our security operations centre for analysis and remediation.

Our security operations centre staff constantly monitor each vessel and respond to threat alerts in accordance with the pre-agreed service level agreement.