TDG Marine¹

TDG Marine¹ has been specifically designed to provide the “First-Step” for Maritime organisations to implement entry level cyber-security protection in both a bandwidth sensitive and cost-effective manner.

TDG Marine¹ revolves around a proactive cyber security as a service solution offering a full managed service to Maritime organisations with an easy and affordable migration path to more sophisticated protection services as and when needed.

Cyber security in the maritime industry is a major concern, due to a lack of security awareness or accountability while increasing use of new, sophisticated communications technologies raises the threat level to high.

With the potential for sensitive customer data leaks via ECDIS, AIS, RFID and GPS, it is important that security procedures and processes are in place so that operators know how to identify a potential security threat or have been trained to respond when a cyber-attack is in progress.

The perpetrators active in the maritime industry are mostly interested in financial gain, looking to gain access, stay hidden and extract financial profit from their targets. However, accessing and extracting sensitive information or intellectual property can also help criminal or terrorist organisations whose motive is to use the industry to transport hazardous materials or weapons.

In an advanced threat, the attacker will spend a large amount of time researching a list of potential targets, gathering information about the organisation’s structure, and clients. Social media activity of the people in the target company will be monitored to extract information about the systems and forums favoured by the user and any technology vulnerabilities assessed.

Once a weakness is found the next step the hacker will take is to breach the cyber security perimeter - the basic security most companies adopt - and gain access, which, for most attackers, is easily done.

Via the options below Marine¹ is able to bring about a baseline security posture and growth path to more sophisticated cyber threat management.