Threat Detecting Solutions

As digital hygiene specialists our threat monitor services incorporates leading edge managed detection and response technology combined with ultra-secure hosting and highly trained personnel.

Cyberthreats are evolving at an alarming rate and they affect governments, enterprises, small businesses and the general public.

Automation only defeats automation. You need people to defeat people. Our managed detection and response encompasses a diverse threat hunting team with skills ranging from both offensive (red team) and defensive (incident response). We are equipped with the latest research and technology, to battle and contain live attacks.

Sophisticated Threat Detection!
The Threat Hunters - a diverse team equipped with the latest research and technology

Research driven intelligence

Our threat hunters specialise in seeking out live attackers that are using previously unseen tactics, techniques, and procedures. They do this by incorporating research and intelligence from across our intelligence-gathering network and the wider security community. This is then fed into our threat-monitoring platform, drawing from threat intelligence, the latest red team learnings, public and private research, and known attacker behaviour, to eliminate false positives.

Threat hunting

We stay ahead of attackers. To identify anomalous behaviour, the team continually collects and analyses rich data from across a customer’s estate, including endpoints, logs, sensors, and Office 365.

Live response to human adversaries

Detecting attacks without having the ability to respond, offers little in the way of protection. Our goal is to detect, respond to, and contain an attack before the attacker’s objective is reached, often while the attack is happening. While much of the market is focused predominantly on the ‘detection and containment of malware’, it lacks the mindset that the real threat is a human attacker – a dynamic entity that can and will adapt techniques in real-time that can only be effectively countered by an equally skilled and equipped hunt team.