Real-time Website Malware Protection

In this digital age, website malware is dominating and ever increasing. There are no “hacker proof” websites and cyber criminals continuously launch automated and targeted attacks to penetrate websites and use them for illegal purposes. The online threat landscape expands and evolves as more sophisticated and complex web malware is created and deployed by cyber criminals. Hard to detect, modern malware infects consumers as well as enterprise users so no internet user is protected from harmful malware lurking on websites.

Can you afford website downtime?
Our real-time malware prevention tool instantly notifies, alerts and automatically removes malicious code before it causes any damage.
Cyber security experts are also on hand every step of the way.

What’s on offer?

The malware protection service provides real time website malware monitoring, scanning and instant notifications that allows a customer to act quickly upon active threat detection. If activated our automated removal system will actively seek out the malicious code and remove it from your website ensuring that the website is returned to normal operation as quickly as possible.

It comes packed with a simple installation process where a “protection file” is placed on the root of the website. Once in place we are able to scan all the internal files of your website which provides the maximum protection possible. Such “Server Side” scanning is far superior to external scanning and ensures our unique automated removal service is able to remove the malicious code quickly and efficiently.

Every time our system scans a website, it performs an in-depth analysis of the website content file by file. As a managed service, we are able to customise the monitoring settings to suit each client’s specific needs efficiently.

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