Business Breach Detection

Our Breach Detection service collects and analyses billions of leaked credentials from the surface and dark web. It provides actionable analytics to reduce the risk to your organisation of breached information.

Our service notifies clients within seconds if an employee’s credentials are found online, so you can take immediate remedial action.

We are often compared with the free breach services such as haveibeenpwned which are great services for the consumer, but for business there is a need for a more substantial and accurate solution.

Are your business or employee credentials in the wrong hands?
Receive instant alerts and take immediate remedial action...
Before it's too late.

What’s on offer?

Below are some of the differentiators between our breach services and free ones:

  • Our breach solution is designed with a focus on reporting, password detection, and integration with platforms such as Jira, Slack, Hipchat, and others. This is achieved via our custom API.
  • Our solution allows you to monitor your entire supply chain – other such solutions such as haveibeenpwned do not.
  • In our upcoming release we will include the facility to include any “digital asset” in addition to domain names.
  • Our solution has a much deeper pool of breached data. We have noticed that free services such as haveibeenpwned tend to focus on the popular breaches that have made the news, whereas we try to include those and niche breaches for a much richer solution.
  • Free services are used by many people and they do not provide them with any specific attention. The free services also do not provide such solutions on a managed service basis alongside GDPR and Data Breach assistance.
  • Free services such as haveibeenpwned use automatic web scraping, which is very limited. Our discovery engine covers much more of the deep and surface web.

Employees often sign up to third-party websites using enterprise email addresses without the knowledge of your IT security or compliance teams. Data breaches are increasingly exposing organisations to serious threats such as credential attacks, identity theft, targeted phishing, and fraud.

BreachAware provides a robust monitoring and alerting platform for business.

Breach Aware