Brand protection

Attacks on brands are escalating, both online and offline. The costs to business can be large, the management distraction significant, and the worst consequences in corporate reputation can be truly catastrophic.

Traditional website trustmarks have been shown to be ineffective, and in some cases, can even advertise vulnerabilities to cybercriminals. All too easily, they can be copied. So, rather than offering protection to website users, they are doing little more than paying lip service to security.

smartprotect Brand

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Enhancing your brand investment

Our unique and patented technology consists of more than simple website protection tools, and enhances the value of brand investment. It does this by providing a deep level of reassurance to business partners – such as distributors, agents, and resellers – that you have protected the branded asset at a fundamental level, and that they won’t be competing with fake websites or fake products. In turn, your partners will have the confidence to invest more in marketing your products and services.

Wherever they are, your customers will feel safe when they see your branded trustmark, knowing that they’re not dealing with a knock-off site but are buying from a legitimate website.

Managing the brand remotely, protecting your content

And it’s not just about protection. Our technology allows you to manage your brand and intellectual property (IP) assets in unprecedented ways, because we give you remote control over how that brand and information appears, no matter how complex your distribution channels.

You can turn unauthorised iterations of your brand off and on at will from your dashboard. So, you can be sure of uniformity as well as security, when you want it, where you want it, and with whom you want it. And it won’t interfere with your client or partner relationships, or require any control over their website: your partner determines where the seal appears, you control if it appears.

We also protect your content from copycats and plagiarists because it will detect when your IP has been duplicated without your permission. And this is valuable whether you’re a major corporation maintaining distribution of expensive research, a magazine preventing unauthorised reproduction of images and articles, or a small to medium-sized enterprise providing brand-building thought-leadership through a blog that could be plagiarised.

Solving the trust problem with trustmarks

Internet trustmarks have lost credibility because they can easily be copied. Trustmarks are ubiquitous and, because they can be so easily replicated, are nothing more than a commoditised branding exercise providing token reassurance to website visitors. In some cases, trustmarks can actually make a website more vulnerable by advertising known weaknesses to cybercriminals.

Currently, almost all online certificates such as Verified by VISA, MasterCard Secured, and PayPal Verified are only image-based verifications. As such, the images can be copy and pasted on any other website in seconds, with links redirected to other bogus verification websites.

The risk to web users from bogus sites is increasing all the time, creating an emergent threat to online commerce and contributing to deteriorating public trust in online security. Consumers fear for the safety of their data, but are also anxious about the legitimacy and authenticity of the goods and services they might be persuaded to buy online.