Keeping your data secure everywhere you go

At the core of every secure business is a secure foundation. SMARTMONITOR’s mobile device management solutions can secure, manage, and monitor your business’s critical mobile data and devices.

Our mobile device management solutions provide secure access and remote management for all corporate and employee-owned mobile devices. We provide affordable, efficient solutions to secure and manage corporate data accessed on any device from any user anywhere in the world.

You need to secure your mobile devices with permissions, settings, and policies that keep your business IT environment and critical company data safe. You choose what employees will have access to, and how they can access it.

Keep corporate data safe behind a password-protected application that can be remotely wiped in case of device theft or employee termination. Corporate-owned devices can be configured to prohibit or enable the use of specific applications at the management’s discretion to keep employees focused and productive.

A growing trend in the workplace has been the proliferation of BYOD (bring your own device) and the most common device brought into the workplace is the smartphone. Allowing end users to use their personal devices for work is cost-effective, but it exposes your network to security threats.

How safe is your mobile data?
Instantly lock and wipe your mobile devices if they fall into the wrong hands

Employees who receive company emails on their phone or access work-related applications (especially those who choose the “remember me” option) are vulnerable endpoints for data theft.

Imagine the potential loss of data or introduction of malware to the network if an employee’s phone is lost or stolen. Many people do not use passwords or PINs on their phone. Whoever finds the phone now has access to your company data. Imagine what would happen if they knew what that data was worth?

What could a data breach cost you? It could cost you your business’s reputation, hundreds of thousands of pounds (GDPR fines) and potentially your livelihood… all because of one mobile device. Prevent this by contacting us today about our mobile management solutions.