What if you lost all your business data?

The one thing that any business needs in order to remain in operation is its data. The office could be flooded or could burn down – but if its data is safe, it still has a chance to bounce back.

However, how can data be safe if the office itself is destroyed?

As we alluded to above, data is the most important part of a business’s resources. It powers the vast majority of the functions that any given operation relies on. Your data includes:

  • Your client lists, including their financial information and personal details you have collected
  • Internal financial records and tax forms
  • Employee financial information and personal details
  • Sales records

…and those are just the basics, without including proprietary information, trade secrets – essentially any information that is required to run your business successfully. A lot of this crucial data is irreplaceable, which means if it is lost, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Don't leave it until your data is lost.
The majority of businesses only realise the importance of backups when they have lost everything.
Do not be one of these businesses - backup your sensitive business data today

There are plenty of factors that could potentially contribute to a business losing its data, many of which are out of human hands. The weather, hardware malfunction, and malware attack (RAMSOMWARE is BIG business for cybercriminals) could all lead to data loss in some way. There is also no underestimating the damage that can be done through simple user error such as accidentally deleting or overwriting a critical file.

To recap, there is no shortage of threats that your business must be prepared to deal with to avoid the consequences.