Robust Monitoring For Your Devices

A Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides real-time asset and monitoring management to all devices both internally and externally to the office or corporate network. The overall function of a NOC is to maintain optimal network operations across a variety of platforms and ensure that devices connected to such networks function correctly.

Our fully integrated NOC Platform, NOMAD, is designed to provide a complete managed service to our clients, to help them look after their networks and devices.

Whether you run a small or large company, downtime is a costly experience. When your server goes down or your users can’t access the network, your organisation loses precious productivity.

Having an in-house IT department may be out of the question, or your existing team may struggle during busy periods to ensure optimal uptime. The NOMAD platform utilises a series of proactive measures to minimise and prevent downtime. Customised Service Level Agreements ensure that we meet your needs and budget.

From complete 24/7 support and monitoring, to vendor management, outsourcing your IT with us can vastly improve and maintain your uptime to help you achieve a greater return on investment for your technology.

Our Managed Network Care service provides your business with enterprise-level solutions designed for small and medium organisational needs, eliminating downtime, managing vendors, and keeping your mission-critical business technologies running smoothly at a flat rate.