Are Your Staff Hindering Your IT Infrastructure?

It has been discovered that the weakest link in most business IT infrastructures is staff who are not educated in recognising and notifying the telltale signs of cybercriminal threats – whether this is through staff email phishing attacks, social engineering or the use of weak passwords.

smarteducate is a new set of services which aims to educate your staff about cybersecurity to reduce the chance of cyberattacks.

We have teamed up with KNOWBE4, one of the main leaders in the industry, and we also work with several other providers such as, AwareGO, Popcorn Training, ThinkHR, exploqii, Canada Privacy Training, Twist & Shout, and Teach Privacy to ensure we can provide you with the resources needed to educate your team.

How do we do it?

smarteducate provides you with an extensive library of security awareness training content with over 700 videos, interactive modules, newsletters, games, and posters etc.

Our security training ensures employees understand how malware, spam, phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering work and it gives them the ability to use this newly found knowledge in their day-to-day work.

We provide employees with unique information on things to look out for in emails, and on ways to block mobile attacks. Our basic training modules are delivered in five, 15, and 45-minute training sessions, remedial learning, reporting, and phishing campaigns.

When you sign up to a smarteducate account you will not only have instant access to our extensive library of interactive employee training courses, but you will also have administrator/technician tools to imitate a cyberattack  (Phishing emails or Ransomware simulators) to analyse how your employees react and to identify areas for improvement.

Our interactive training sessions will educate your team to be more cyber aware, and they will close the weak links in your IT security.

Preventing cyber-attacks is possible… with the world’s largest library of security awareness training content and support at your fingertips.