Security Assessment

A comprehensive cyber security assessment provides an objective view of the health of your organisation's information security posture. An assessment should give you the information needed to prioritise and receive the highest return on your information security investments.

An assessment will analyse your technical infrastructure and address the human side of protecting your infrastructure. TDG’s security assessments are broken down into three pillars of cyber security: People, Policies and Technology.

Why Your Organisation Needs Our Security Assessments

You need to understand how effective your existing cyber security really is after years of investments. You know that those assessing your security must be at least as skilled as those hacking it. You want straight answers:- How effective is your security? What is really at risk? Are the right policies, tools, procedures and people deployed?

Our comprehensive security assessment provides a thorough security evaluation of an organisation's environment. A rapid security assessment is a good option for organisations that may not have the time or resources for a more comprehensive check-up.

Vulnerability And Risk Assessment

TDG provides vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, risk assessments and compliance auditing to test and validate that your organisation's controls are protecting your data. All aspects of your organisation, including governance, regulatory requirements, policies, procedures, technology components, physical security and awareness can be reviewed and analysed.


Compliance Assessment

This is the ability to comply with applicable regulatory standards and to demonstrate that compliance to regulatory bodies is critical for every organisation. TDG has the expertise and experience to measure your environment against a variety of standards and provide documentation for compliant areas and clear direction for remediation of non-compliant issues.

TDG’s cyber security practise has the tools, experience and expertise to create a security strategy that manages today’s risks and prepares you for new risks and threats as they emerge.

To find what your best adversaries can exploit, you need proven industry experts. Our cyber security team can clearly demonstrate the negative impact hackers can have on your business. We answer your key questions about your security posture that enables smarter, more focused security planning and budgeting.