Maritime Services

Unique Maritime Cyber Protection Services

Recent years have shown rapid growth in the reach and complexity of cyber-attacks in the maritime industry. Consequently, cyber security has become a concern and should be considered as an integral part of overall safety management in shipping and offshore operations.

With the increasing use of systems with embedded software, cyber security is becoming critical not only for data protection, but also for reliable operations.

Cyber security is not just a matter of firewalls and antivirus software. Up to 90% of all cyber security incidents can be attributed to human behaviour. Phishing and social engineering, unintentional downloads of malware, etc. are common issues. At the same time, most crews and onshore staff are insufficiently prepared for handling cyber-attacks, resulting in behaviour that fails to contain the damage. The issues need to be addressed by looking at systems, software, procedures and the human factor.

Turrem Data Group combines traditional IT best practices with a deep understanding of the maritime industry and the employed operational technologies. Our team of experts draw on extensive knowledge and experience in many relevant areas, including risk management, maritime operations and human intelligence. This helps ensure all testing and the suggested mitigation measures are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Brand protection and reputation is increasingly an issue for brand owners, marketers, advertisers and web site owners. Cybercriminals continue to abuse legitimate brands through a combination of tactics including forged and spoofed email, look-a-like domains, phishing sites and brand jacking through fraudulent and malicious mobile applications. With the introduction of the new gTLD domains, brand protection is a growing area of concern for brand owners and consumers alike.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions Include:

Cybersecurity Resilience Management - We can guide owners, managers and operators of vessels and mobile offshore units in assessing, improving and verifying the cyber security resilience of their assets.

Cybersecurity Assessment - Our interdisciplinary cyber solutions team will engage with your onshore personnel and offshore crews to identify and address your cyber security risks via various levels of assessment, starting with a high-level self-assessment via our web based Marine Assessment Portal (MAP).

Cybersecurity Protection - Based on the results of our assessment, we will help you efficiently close cyber security threats by provisioning our unique monitoring and detection systems on board your vessels. Our simple plug-and-forget platform will monitor the vessels end points raising alerts to any potential threats and provide protection against zero-day attacks, malware and malicious threats.

Cyber as a Service - Uniquely our solutions mean there is no on-board cyber expertise required all alerts are handled via our cyber security technicians based at our Security Operation Centre. With instant access to potential threat information we can alert vessel owners and the on-board crew members as to such threats and via pre-agreed service level agreements we can prevent further damage and mitigate risk. Our on-board solutions can easily be extended to land based offices and brought together as a totally integrated cyber protection solution.

Cybersecurity Automation

Blended with expert human analysis Our highly-specialised security information and event management (SIEM) services are at the leading edge of managed security services. We combine our own technologies with some of the most advanced SIEM services available today. In addition to utilising massively powerful automated analysis and detection engines, we apply rigorous human analysis to all security events generated by our data correlation processing from within our proprietary network operation centre (NOC) and security operation centre (SOC).  Our Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitors what is going on in your environment and sends alerts when there is any suspicious activity. Because both internal and external violations can cause issues, we perform an analysis of activity patterns to determine any deviations from what is normal.

A Total Solution

Confident that our tailored solutions will suit all cyber security needs in the maritime arena, our sophisticated technologies and technical support allow shipping businesses to secure their vessels from cyber vulnerabilities and potential attacks with ease.