Intelligence Services

Cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) is an advanced process that enables an organisation to continually gather valuable insights based on the analysis of contextual risks, which can be tailored to the organisation's specific threat landscape, its industry and markets.

By constantly quantifying and qualifying threats in cyberspace, CTI can help decision makers and security teams get ahead of cybercrime by providing timely, accurate, actionable and relevant intelligence via a dynamic cycle of planning, collecting, processing, analysing, vetting and dissemination processes.

TDG’s cyberthreat intelligence solution is the incubator for our cybersecurity products and service innovation. Our solutions deliver credible, critical insights to help prevent and contain cybercrime, insider threats, terrorism, fraud and organised crime.

Our approach unites the perspectives of attack detection and prevention, real-time monitoring, incident response, threat intelligence, counter-intelligence and security strategy, to help secure what matters most to your organisation its critical-value and high-value data.

Our Nomad™ intelligence platform backed by a highly proficient team; brings in timely and targeted high-quality intelligence solutions for addressing the ever-changing cyberthreats and protecting our clients’ critical business assets.

How It Works    

The first step involves capturing the raw data from our multiple collection points - presently numbering over 60,000 points in 140+ countries. The advanced learning architecture of the platform will analyse, filter and enrich the data and transfer it for further analysis. In this step, the filtered and enriched data will pass through sentimental analysis, entity extraction, event extraction and prominence analysis. The mined data is then analysed for profile correlation, identity location and KPI definition.


It is important that organisations deliberately decide what needs tight security and what can be secured through more standard means. Through a risk-based analysis your organisation will be able to determine what to focus on in terms of vigilance and resilience.

We help organisations to establish controls and processes around your most sensitive assets, balancing the need to reduce risk, while also helping to enable productivity, business growth and cost optimisation objectives. Change and innovation does not have to be the enemy of security.

Our Solutions Differentiators    

Our platform offers:

  • Real/near time analysis of threat intelligence leading to actionable insights

  • Open source technology stack leading to lower total costs of ownership

  • Contextual mining in that we analyse only relevant content

  • Powerful search feature for all related information in a single view

  • Potential to integrate with other recognition software to resolve social and national identify issues

  • Customised solution backed by our cybersecurity specialist