Managed Protection

Cyberattacks get more sophisticated and more aggressive every day. As a managed security service provider TDG provides continuous protection in a rapidly changing world of threat.

Cyberattacks wreak havoc on organisations of various size. Cybercriminals use advanced malware to steal business or state related secrets and high-value data, and in the process they escape the eye of information security. It takes huge amounts of resources from a network security point of view to deal with the problem. One way of dealing with these types of attacks is to mix and match the technology process.

How Do You Defend Your Organisation From Unknown Threats?

Cyber security teams today typically use multiple endpoint solutions to protect their organisation from common cyber threats. Each tool generates alerts based on a particular kind of suspicious activity. None of these tools is equipped to detect sophisticated, adaptive attacks, the kind of attacks that target the world’s largest and most critical organisations on a daily basis.

Via our Nomad™ cyber security platform and managed security service, organisations are able to detect advanced threats that lie hidden within your networks. It finds all of the threats, seeking and hunting each piece of malicious data or activity.

Structured network logs from proxy to IDS, VPN, Antivirus, DLP, DNS queries, malware tools and application logs; contextual data like email, print logs, facility access logs, internal chat logs and human resource data and even open source and third-party data, our technology integrates it all into a single managed environment and provides separate actionable signals from the noise, in order to protect your organisation.

Interact With All The Relevant Data

TDG implements leading edge cyber security from a number of vendors via our Nomad™ platform. It then enriches the solution by adding a fully managed service that utilises TDG’s expert cyber security team. Our installation and implementation services are quick, efficient and cost effective, and within hours of deploying our solutions, all integrated data is available for automated correlation and analysis by our team.


Discover Sophisticated Attack Patterns

Our correlation and behavioural analysis algorithms comb through multiple data sources to detect anomalous patterns or otherwise suspicious activities on your organisation's network. Any resulting issues are altered instantly and an analyst can triage such issues and then drill down on any particular anomaly to investigate it further.


Reinforce Organisations Defences Over Time

TDG provides a richly collaborative environment in which our analysts continually deploy successful investigative strategies. We also track how cyberthreats change over time and preemptively mitigate threats that have been seen before. Our customers can pivot from passive alert processing to proactive threat detection and counter-intelligence.