Risk & Compliance

Compliance management requires an organisation-wide approach to protecting and enhancing business initiatives by a regulatory risk-awareness culture.

The viability of your business is on many occasions, dependent upon alignment of people, processes and technology to an ever-changing and complicated regulatory landscape.

Compliance can be a major challenge for organisations both large and small. The compliance and risk landscape is continually changing. To remain competitive, organisations must bring about governance, risk and management compliance (GRC) strategies that keep pace with new legislation and stakeholder expectations.

Many organisations are already overwhelmed with a dizzying list of compliance standards and frameworks and the subsequent changes that are required to meet these global requirements.

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) was released by the EU council on the 25th January 2012, with formal adoption planned by early 2016. In May 2018, the Data Protection Authorities will start to enforce GDPR across Europe; the Information Commissioners Office in the UK will be one such authority.

Meeting and exceeding the GDPR mandates calls for integrated, long-term solutions that not only meet the standards of each area individually but provides proactive management of all relevant standards across your organisation.

Secure And Compliant Capable Solutions

TDG’s compliance and risk solutions deliver the ability for customers to confidently and quickly obtain a baseline view of their GDPR compliance status and a building block to secure continual compliance for their organisation.

We do this by providing guidance in the form of our GDPR framework, alongside our Risk Intelligence scanning solution, which will identify compliance holes within your organisation.

Our solutions allow customers to redefine their compliance strategies to meet these new demands. This enables improved governance, increasing productivity and visibility and accelerating the adoption of new technologies to assist in ensuring a fully compliant future.