Digital Asset Management

Brand Protection

Your brand is your most valuable asset, whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation. If you are in the beginning of creating something new or if you have been around for a while, your biggest market and communication's channel will be on the internet, either through your brand logo, website, web shop, blog or even email.

Brand protection and reputation is increasingly an issue for brand owners, marketers, advertisers and web site owners. Cybercriminals continue to abuse legitimate brands through a combination of tactics including forged and spoofed email, look-a-like domains, phishing sites and brand jacking through fraudulent and malicious mobile applications. With the introduction of the new gTLD domains, brand protection is a growing area of concern for brand owners and consumers alike.

Advanced Monitoring Technology

TDG’s brand protection solutions are designed to monitor cybercrime infrastructures and hacker interrelations enabling us to be the first to learn about rogue websites, malicious apps and announcements abusing your brand.

We also monitor the tools used for their distribution – email spamming, contextual advertising, SEO manipulations and bot activity used to rank malicious or brand infringing resources higher in search engines.

Protection Of Digital Assets

Digital brand protection starts with securing your digital assets. We help you consolidate your domains alongside your social media, SSL/TLS digital certificates and DNS for easy and secure management. Once your assets are centralised on our cyber security platform Nomad™ we are able to manage your brand portfolio and fit it seamlessly into your corporate workflow.

Your website assets are fully protected against phishing attacks. Anyone taking copies and creating fake sites is detected immediately and reported by Nomad™ to our cybersecurity experts for instant remediation and website takedown.

Enforcing Your Rights    

The battle against online infringements is fought across multiple fronts from domain names to social networks to mobile app stores. Brand owners need an effective means of recovering web resources and removing infringing content without the expense and time required by judicial processes.

TDG’s brand protection services offer the widest range of online brand enforcement and domain name acquisition services available today. Our success rate for recovering digital assets, removing infringing content and enforcing takedown is exceptional.


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